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Customer Service① Regular Customer Service VIP Customer Service Exclusive Customer Service
Qualification - Available(Field Verification) Available(Aeronautics Verification)②
Promotions through Regular News Update - Available(5 Updates Yearly) Available(10 Updates Yearly)
Business Information Synchronized across Platforms - Available(50 Pieces Monthly) Available(100 Pieces Monthly)
Search Engine Optimization - Available(5 Keywords) Available(20 Keywords)
Enterprise Store One type of basic model available Three types of basic model available Six types of basic model available
Advertising Campaigns③ - Advertising Among Sub-pages Advertising Among bot Homepage and Sub-pages
Industrial Apps④ - Any 2 APPs selectable (20% off if more wanted) Any 5 APPs selectable (50% off if more wanted)
Cloud Think Tank⑤ - Available(5 Times) Available(10 Times)
Cloud Factory⑥ Available Available(Service Fee 20% Off) Available(Service Fee 50% Off)

① Regular Customer Service: Channel services including call center, email, Wechat subscriptions available for users with responses within 3 workdays;
VIP Customer Service: Channel services including call center, email, Wechat subscriptions available for users with responses within 1 workday;
Exclusive Customer Service: Apart from exclusive call service dedicated to users as well as email channel service with immediate responses and specialist tracing, further convenient, specialized and premium services will be embraced.
② Aeronautics Verification: Aeronautics verification can be given to premium members on condition that they are honored as such qualification.
③ Advertising Among Sub-pages: Related promotions such as banner publicity and products introduced among sub-pages;
Advertising on Homepage: Related events and promotions organized including product presentation and banner publicity on homepage;
④ Users are welcome to access for several apps online up to their specific needs as a service free of charge: any 2 apps selectable for medium members for free (20% off if more wanted) while any 5 for premium members for free (50% off if more wanted).
⑤ Users deserve dozens of chances of professional counselling service and technical support annually: 10 chances of such services for medium members while 3 times of that for premium members.
⑥ Full production process can be witnessed and traced by users after order has been delivered thanks to the specialized equipment self-operated by our platform and our partners with service fee 20% discount off for medium users but 50% off for premium users.